By owning your system, you will receive all of the benefits of Solar including:

  • A Federal tax credit worth 30% of the cost of the entire job
  • Performance based incentives in the form of SRECs, which serve as additional income for 10 years on top of your electricity generation
  • Insulation from rising energy costs, as your system will produce its own electricity predictably and reliably for decades

How much money can your roof make you?

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Why Invest in Solar?

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Solar Energy Will Save You Money

By installing Solar on your home or business, you place yourself in control of your energy costs. You will no longer be at the mercy of the power company. When your neighbor's electric costs from the utility company rise, your Solar array will continue to produce free, clean power.

State and Government Incentives

Right now, local and federal money is available to anyone who chooses to invest in Solar. These incentives dramatically reduce the cost of your system and can cut the payback period on your investment in more than half!

Save the Environment

Fossil fuels pollute our atmosphere, and rising levels of CO2 may be the largest existential threat to our Planet.